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Conf dates: March 12-13, 2022.
2nd International Conference on Image Processing and Robotics

ICIPRob2022 (International Conference on Image Processing and Robotics) will take place in Sri Lanka. ICIPRob 2022 is a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, scholars and engineers to discuss their latest research findings related to image processing, robotics and their connected disciplines.

ICIPRoB2022 Best paper award
・Hayato Suzuki, Ryosuke Osawa, Hiroto Saegusa, Shin-Ichiro Kaneko and Genci Capi 
"Development of Agriculture Robot for Plant Detection and Fertilizer Dispense"

ICIPRoB2022 Best Student Paper Award
・Wanxin Bao, Ren Komatsu, Atsushi Yamashita and Hajime Asama, "Solving Well-posed Shape from Shading 
Problem Using Implicit Neural Representations"
・Sittichai Wangwiwattana and  Yoshikazu Koike, "Arc-Fault Detection method with Saturated Current Transformer"
・Udaka A. Manawadu, M. A. H. Deen and P. Ravindra S. De Silva, 
Exploring a Comfort Zone in Side-by-Side Communication for Human-Robot Interaction"

ICIPRoB2022 Research Encouragement Award
・Charuka Herath, Chameera Dulanga, Donishka Tharindu and Upeksha Ganegoda, 
"Continuous User Authentication using Keystroke Dynamics for Touch Devices"
・Yugo Kunisada and Chinthaka Premachandra, "Sound-to-Sound Translation Using Generative Adversarial Network and Sound U-Net"
・Kanthasamy Sarankan and Surangani Bandara, 
"Real-Time Position Tracking of Indoor Games Player Based on Radio Frequency (RF) and Ultrasonic (US)"



Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Image processing and related aspects

Computer vision
Medical informatics
Pattern recognition
Document image processing
Character recognition
Data mining
Bio informatics
Vision based data analysis
Virtual reality
Natural language understanding
Machine learning
Vision based security systems
Surveillance systems
3D vision
Multi-camera systems
Satellite image processing
Under-water vision
Human-Computer interaction

Robotics and related aspects

Robot design
Robot control techniques
Robot vision
Service robots
AI and its applications
Brain–computer interface
Automated systems
Home automation
Wheel chair control
Embedded systems
Robot communication systems
Human-robot interaction
Intelligent transport systems
Automated driving
Sensor networks

Sponsors & Supporters

  • IEEE Sri Lanka Section
  • IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, Sri Lanka Chapter
  • Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics
  • Image Processing and Robotics Lab, Shibaura Institute of Technology
  • IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society (SMC), Japan Chapter
  • The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
  • The Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ)
  • Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), Japan
  • Bangladesh Robotics Foundation (BRF)

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