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Conference Fare Details

Local Delegates IEEE Member Non-IEEE Member
Author 16,000 LKR 20,000 LKR
Author - Student 10,000 LKR 14,000 LKR
Additional Paper Registration 10,000 LKR 11,000 LKR
Additional Paper Registration (For Student) 8,000 LKR 10,000 LKR
Participant Fee (Without Paper) 10,000 LKR 11,000 LKR
Participant Fee for Student (Without Paper) 8,000 LKR 10,000 LKR
Extra Conference Proceedings 5,000 LKR 6,000 LKR
Conference Dinner on 3/7 5,000 LKR 5,000 LKR

Foreign Delegates IEEE Member Non-IEEE Member
Author 400 USD 450 USD
Author - Student 300 USD 350 USD
Additional Paper Registration 350 USD 400 USD
Additional Paper Registration (For Student) 250 USD 300 USD
Participant Fee (Without Paper) 350 USD 400 USD
Participant Fee for Student (Without Paper) 250 USD 300 USD
Extra Conference Proceedings 50 USD 60 USD
Conference Dinner on 3/7 40 USD 40 USD
Conference Tour on 3/8 100 USD 100 USD

Please note that Invoice will be in Japanese Yen and calculations will be done as next rate; 1 US$ = 109.49 JPY (as per 2020/1/12).

At least one author for each paper has to pay a full registration or student registration. The attendees without submitting papers have to pay the registration fee as illustrated in the above list.

Basic Includes
The registration fee covers the main conference, all special sessions, conference lunch.

About the Conference Dinner on 3/7
The registrations cost more than 300USD will cover conference Dinner on 3/7. Other Foreign Delegates will have to pay 40 US$ for the dinner. Local participant can pay 5000 LKR and select conference dinner.

About the Conference Tour on 3/8
We have arranged a Conference Tour for Foreign Delegates on 3/8. That fare is 100 US$ per person. More details can be check from below page.