The registration system will be released soon.

Local Delegates IEEE Member Non-IEEE Member
Author 25,000 LKR 35,000 LKR
Author - Student 20,000 LKR 25,000 LKR
Additional Paper Registration 15,000 LKR 20,000 LKR
Participant Fee (Without Paper) 20,000 LKR 25,000 LKR
Participant Fee for Student (Without Paper) 15,000 LKR 20,000 LKR
Foreign Delegates IEEE Member Non-IEEE Member
Author 500 USD 600 USD
Author - Student 350 USD 450 USD
Additional Paper Registration 350 USD 400 USD
Participant Fee (Without Paper) 300 USD 300 USD
Participant Fee for Student (Without Paper) 250 USD 300 USD

Early bird registration deadline: Feb 10, 2024 (JST)

For those who register after the above deadline, an additional 5000 LKR will be charged for local delegates, and an additional 50 USD will be charged for foreign delegates.

The registration fee covers the main conference and all special sessions.

At least one author for each paper must pay either a full registration or a student registration fee.

If one author pays the registration fee for a paper, the other co-authors can attend the conference ONLINE free of charge. However, for co-authors to attend on-site, one of the above registrations must be made.

Attendees who are not submitting papers are required to pay the registration fee as outlined in the above list.


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