International Conference on Image Processing and Robotics

Robotic Operating System (ROS) based SLAM implementation for Autonomous navigation of Differential Drive Robot

Dr. Sagara Sumathipala
University of Moratuwa

Localization and navigation of mobile robots accurately in an indoor environment are the most critical and challenging tasks in indoor robot navigation. Typical navigation techniques used in outdoor robot navigation is not very much effective in indoor navigation. Indoor environment involves the perception of environment, localization, cognition and motion control. Perception is the understanding of its sensory data and finding its current position and state. This workshop aims to demonstrate autonomous indoor navigation using SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) based techniques implemented in the Robotic Operating System (ROS) and simulated using Robot simulation software.


Interdisciplinary Research Method Towards Successful HRI Solutions

Mohammad Shidujaman
Tsinghua University

We hope this workshop can provide a multi-disciplinary forum where HRI researchers, engineers, biomedical professionals, artists, designers and entrepreneurs can jointly work together, and come up with strategies to take laboratory research ideas, from benchtop to bedside, into feasible commercializable products in a shorter pathway. We especially welcome the female participants to share their point of views in terms of discovering local challenges and creative HRI/AI solutions to solve the pandemic disease challenges. We are also targeting at bridging an ecosystem of from user-centered process of inventing HRI solutions starting from understanding local real-world medication problems, and fill the gap of road to market, link between research and industry.


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